Outdoor Education Program Donors and Supporters



  • Burney-Fall River Education Foundation Grants for Outdoor Education Field Trips
  • Burney Regional Community Fund Grant for the Take-it-Outside Project
  • Burney Regional Community Fund Grant for the Educational Supplies Storage Project 
  • McConnell Fund Shasta Community Partners Grant for our Mobile Field Station Project
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company for Outdoor Environmental Learning  
  • Redding Rancheria Community Fund Grant for the Outdoor Education Institute

Program Donors

Thank you to our program donors. The support of the following individuals and organizations has worked to enhance education for many Shasta County students. 

  • Ernest and Joanne Bruce
  • William and Laurie Davis
  • Michael Kerns
  • Brent Leonard
  • Lee and Gail Leonard
  • Lillian H. Nelson
  • Tony and Natalia Orozco
  • Rich and Chris Regnart
  • Jackie Spencer, S. Spencer Memorial Fund
  • Kathy and Boyd Turner
  • Paul and Lory Utz
  • Alex and Sally Von Dachenhausen
  • Marilyn Warnock
  • AAUW Redding Branch, Inc.
  • Burney Fall River Education Fund
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Disney Corporation
  • Fall River Lions Club
  • Gepetto's Pizza
  • Henry D. Patterson, O.D.
  • Lake Shasta Caverns
  • McConnell Fund
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Redding Rancheria Community Fund
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • Soroptimist International of Burney-Fall River
  • Spring Rivers Ecological Sciences LLC
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park
  • Waterworks Park  

Program Supporters

  • Burney Lions Club for the use of their facilities and for feeding our wonderful volunteers at the Annual Docent Appreciation BBQ.

  • Fall River Lions for the use of the Lions Club Park and their help clearing road for school buses.

  • Fall River Resource Conservation District for sponsoring campers for the 2010 Outdoor Summer Camp

  • Western Shasta Resource Conservation District for use of equipment and providing their professionals to run educational stations at field trips

  • Whiskeytown National Recreation Area for the use of various sites for field trips and workshops

  • Kim Stokely, Adopt-A-Watershed, and Earthwater for giving our program a solid start

Other Friends of SRF Outdoor Education

Alta Mesa School

Boulder Creek School

Fall River Joint Unified School Dist.

Burney Lions

California Highway Patrol


Creek Freaks

Crystal Lake Hatchery

Fall River Lions

Fall River RCD

IM-Fall River AAUW Project Learning Tree

Project WET

The River Center

Shasta College

Shasta Land Trust

Western Shasta RCD

Whiskeytown Nat’l Rec. Area
Analia Bertucci

Leslie Bryan

John Deaton

Lee Delaney

Lori & Larry Drouin

Breanna Glaze

Harmony Gugino

Erin Johnson

Clinton Kane

Jeremey Kelley

Ralene Metcalf

Jeff Meyers

Leah Miller

Mike Millington

Dana Murray

Kim Stokely

Maureen Teubert

Laura VanAcker

Paul Vienneau

Cassie Simons 

Torre Young



Sharon Banyard

Lisa Barry

Patricia Bergman 

Donovan Boyle 

Margie Boyle

Valerie Bridgeman

Beth Brockman

Donovan Brockman Junior Docent

Joanne Bruce 

Corinne Bullard

Shannon Carnegie

Fran Collier

Charla Connelley

Mellissa Conway

Linda Corr

Garrett Costello

Terry Craig

Desirae Diehl

Wendy Dougherty

Tammy Douse

Arleen Earnest

Carolyn Edwards

Laura Halcomb

Penny Harris

Mike Higley

Virginia Hoffman

Linda Holdren

Tony Holdren

Andrea Hughes

Aaron Golczynski

Kim Golczynski

Brandi Greene

Cindy Jacobson

Judy Jamieson

Anne Kerns

Michael Kerns

Nancy Kirkland

Gail Leonard

Lee Leonard

Jennifer Luck

Warren Lytle

Colleen Lytle

Dickie Magidoff

Kathy McAlerney

Kristine Malotky 

Sally Moyer

Anne O’Connor

Lorna Oden

Tony Orozco

Henry Patterson

Fran Patterson

Gail Pittman

Ron Plumhoff

Shirley Plumhoff

Torri Pratt

Chris Regnart

Rich Regnart
Noel Ross

Cordelia Saltzman

Linda Samuels

Susan Stalcup

Jackie Spencer

Marta Sullivan

Myra Swarts

Orvil Swarts

Donna Sylvester

Betty Taylor

Kayla Trotter

Boyd Turner

Kathy Turner

Andrew Urlie

Kathy Urlie

Sue Vanderwerf

Beatriz Vasquez

Alex von Dachenhausen

Carrie Wade

Aaron Wilson