Here are some activities for exploration outside of our education events.


Backyard Detectives! Check out these awesome family activities you can do in your own backyard from our friends at Project Learning Tree! These activities are a great way to jump-start nature explorations with your family at home!…/in-your-own-backyard/

Let's Explore! If you don't have access to an outdoor space, check out these awesome activities from our friends at Project Learning Tree to get your science brains warmed up!…/else-fails-inside/

Interested in learning all about water and the Water Cycle? Check out by Project Wet to engage your brain, explore all things water, and play some games. There are tabs for parents and teachers associated with each topic.

Some of our favorites are:

Water Cycle and Watershed Exploration!

Water on Earth Blue Planet Spinning Planet Game!

Blue Traveler, A Trip Through the Water Cycle as a Drop!

Take a virtual tour Yellowstone National Park on the boardwalk over Hot Lake and Steady Geyser in Yellowstone National Park here:

If you have access to a creek and a simple aquarium net, here is a fun way to explore your local water with your family! 

Earth Day at Home with NASA is neat way to explore:…/godda…/2020/earthdayathome-with-nasa/


Files coming soon.