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Spring Rivers Foundation

Promoting healthy ecosystems and connecting northeastern Californians with their unique natural environment

Pit River Spring Rivers Foundation was born out of the realization that one of the native species its founders had been working with for more than a decade, Shasta crayfish, was in danger of extinction. This species needed more help than it could get through the "regular channels" and during our "spare time."

It became clear that only through the creation of a non-profit corporation could more energy and resources be focused toward protecting this species. We also recognized that some of the work necessary to improve conditions for Shasta crayfish, and conditions for several other aquatic species native to our area, would provide extraordinary opportunities for outdoor education and community involvement.

Fall Afternoon Spring Rivers Foundation is committed to the belief that people and native species can coexist in healthy ecosystems. Both serve vital roles and truly thrive only when our system is in balance. By engaging our community in outdoor educational opportunities and habitat improvement activities, we strive to heighten awareness, nurture a sense of connectedness, and increase personal investment in healthy ecosystems.