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Take It Outside

Educational fun with sorting, nature art projects, creative scrapbooking, natural textures and colors, seasons and animals! It's great to be an outdoor kindergartener!

While participating in the Take-It-Outside kindergarten activities, students will actively collect and sort natural objects, recreate a nature scene as a class, learn how to create nature art rubbings, contribute to a classroom scrapbook, study textures and colors, discover evidence of animals in local ecosystems, learn about seasons, and discuss plant changes during the fall season.

Let's engage in some educational outdoor fun!

The Kindergarten Take-It-Outside Activities address portions of the Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Investigation and Experimentation California Science Standards.

Kindergarten Reference (pdf)
Kindergarten Activity Quick Reference Guide

Activities - Links to Guides (pdf)
Collection Time!
Envirolopes (OBIS)
Let's Recreate It!
Quiet Time/Rubbings
Quiet Time/Scrapbook

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Take It Outside

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