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Take It Outside
Fifth Grade

Exciting scientific explorations with maps, animals, earth science, aquatic organisms, water quality, and nature-themed art! It's great to be a fifth grader outdoors!

While participating in the Take-It-Outside fifth grade activities, students will map a variety of ecosystem components to learn more about the local environment by creating overlays, study animal diversity and local fauna during the bird count activity, jump into earth science by completing pebble counts and other interesting surveys, examine aquatic organisms and ecosystems during the macroinvertebrate niches activity, complete watercolor paintings of the local ecosystem during reflection time, and collect data to asses local water quality.

Let's engage in some educational outdoor fun!

The Fifth Grade Take-It-Outside Activities address portions of the Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Investigation and Experimentation California Science Standards.

5th Grade Reference (pdf)
5th Grade Activity Quick Reference Guide

Activities - Links to Guides (pdf)
Base Maps
Bird Count
Earth Science Data Collection
Macroinvertebrate Niches
Water Quality: Field Samples

Other Useful Resources (pdf)
Macroinvertebrate ID/Pollution Tolerance
   (pp 14-20)
Macroinvertebrate Feeding Groups, etc.
Pebble Counts (pp 21-23)

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Take It Outside

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