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Take It Outside
Third Grade

Educational fun with Sun Prints, outdoor games, measurements, aquatic insects, spiders, and seeds! It's great to be a third grader outdoors!

While participating in the Take-It-Outside third grade activities, students will create sun print art, play a variety of outdoor games including the silent stalking game, practice taking a variety of measurements and recording data during Metric Capers, learn all about water striders, study spiders and their webs, and learn all about plant reproduction and seed structure.

Let's engage in some educational outdoor fun!

The Third Grade Take-It-Outside Activities address portions of the Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Investigation and Experimentation California Science Standards.

3rd Grade Reference (pdf)
3rd Grade Activity Quick Reference Guide

Activities - Links to Guides (pdf)
Environmental Sun Prints (OBIS)
Gaming in the Outdoors (OBIS)
Metric Capers (OBIS)
Silent Stalking Game (OBIS)
Water Striders (OBIS)
Web It! (OBIS)
What is a Seed?

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Take It Outside

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