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Take It Outside
First Grade

Fun with animal tracks, nature relays, games, and plants! It's great to be a first grader outdoors!

While participating in the Take-It-Outside first grade activities, students will study animal tracks, collect temperature data, get active and learn about natural items during the nature relay, discuss ways to preserve our natural resources and the planet during Supporting the Earth, and learn all about plant parts, functions, and growth during the Willow planting activity.

Let's engage in some educational outdoor fun!

The First Grade Take-It-Outside Activities address portions of the Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Investigation and Experimentation California Science Standards.

1st Grade Reference (pdf)
1st Grade Activity Quick Reference Guide

Activities - Links to Guides (pdf)
Animal Tracks
Beachcombing (OBIS)
Cool It (OBIS)
Nature Relay
Supporting the Earth
Willow Planting

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Take It Outside

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