How it all began...

Curricula Workshop We believe that outdoor activities enhance learning and that active participation in real-life projects builds connections between people and the environment. During the summer of 2007, a broad based team of motivated education professionals and administrators attended a week long workshop sponsored by Adopt-a-Watershed /Earthwater. The objective of this workshop was to give locally based teams the tools and knowledge to return to their communities and successfully design and implement outdoor, Place-Based Learning (PBL) opportunities for schools.

In winter 2008, the Spring Rivers Outdoor Education Team hosted a two day retreat to bring together teachers from our local schools with PBL experts from Adopt-a-Watershed /Earthwater. During the retreat, the teachers and team members assembled grade specific curricula for field trips that incorporated the science curricula adopted by the schools as well as the required state standards. Teachers who attended the retreat were excited about the program and agreed to participate with Outdoor Education Team members to bring their classes to the field. The group (the teachers and Outdoor Education Team members) agreed to start at a modest pace and build up to a long term goal of two field trips per year per grade level, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Environmental Education We held our first field trips, for the second grade class students of Burney and Fall River Elementary schools, in May 2008. Children, teachers, and parents cycled through four stations of hands-on activities that explored plant parts, flowering and pollination, insects, and local geology, all of which addressed aspects of the second grade state standards — but don’t tell the kids!

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