Outdoor Education Team

Bringing together real-world science and academic learning for students in the Intermountain and Redding Communities

Sucker Springs Field Trip, May 2008 The Spring Rivers Foundation’s Outdoor Education Team consists of members from Spring Rivers Ecological Sciences, and local teachers. Bios for team members are included here.

The team’s collective vision is to enhance environmental awareness and to grow connections between individuals, the community, and our surroundings. Toward those ends, our goals are to develop integrated educational programs and locations to connect students and adults with the natural world, to enhance the fun and relevance of learning, and to increase environmental awareness and appreciation.

With teachers from local schools and a member of a local Board of Education, our team is linked organically with the schools and has insight into the concerns parents and administrators bring to the education process.

In the first year of its existence, the Outdoor Education Team:

     Initiated contacts and communications with school principals and teachers.
     Began securing access with landowners of potential outdoor education sites.
     Hosted a 2-day curriculum-planning workshop with teachers and experts in the
        field of Place-Based Learning.
            The goal of the workshop was to develop grade-specific curricula for
              Kindergarten through 6th grade that incorporate California state standards
              and school-adopted science curricula into outdoor learning opportunities.
     Initiated development of outdoor learning sites adjacent to both local elementary
        school campuses as well as an outdoor learning laboratory at one of Spring Rivers’
        project sites, located mid-way between the Burney and Fall River schools.
     Hosted the first school field trips to the project site for second graders from
        both schools.

Since our beginnings, we have hosted field trips for thousands of Intermountain and Redding area students! Each year, we host field trips for all kindergarten through sixth grade elementary school students from the Fall River Joint Unified School District and many Redding area students.

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